Youth Citizenship Award

$500 Scholarships are available for all High School Seniors across Michigan


The Sri Venkateswara Temple and Cultural Center (‘SVTCC’) of Novi is a Hindu temple founded to serve as a spiritual and cultural anchor for the Hindu community.  We are focused on “Seva”, which is to be of service to all.  With a heightened sense of importance on education, we want to encourage and be of support to all students, irrespective of their age, religion, or any other factor.  We also believe that a deeper understanding based on one’s beliefs in doing good, based on spirituality, religion, or any other metric, can be valuable to all students in helping them realize their dreams, and in becoming a warmer, more compassionate, and valuable member of society.  With that sentiment, we invited all students to apply for scholarships that we intend to award each year.

Deadline for application is May 3rd, 2024. Click on the link below for criteria and application.


  • Nallamothu, Padma & Brahmajee
  • Koneru, Bhavani & Srinivas

2021 Award Recipients

  • Akshanth Bandla
  • Laasya Koduri

2023 Award Recipients

  • Aneeshwa Chittanuri
  • Manish Illeni