Priest Services at Home

Devotees can schedule following Services at their home by calling the Front Office at (248) 449-9049 or sending an email to [email protected] with following details: Name of Service, Preferred Date & Time, Preferred Priest (if any), Home Address.

Annaprasana$75Bhumi Puja$101
Gruha Pravesam$101Hiranya Shrardham/Taddinam$51
Homam$101Janana Saanthi$101
Intinta Kalyanam$1,116Namakaranam$75
Navagraha Shanti (Homam)$101Nischithardham (Engagement)$151
Punyavachanam$75Satyanarayana Pooja$101
Seemantham$151Shasti Poorthi$201
Upanayanam$201Venkateswara Deeparadhana$101

Mileage will be charged at the federal standard rate of $0.67 per mile for the distance between (to & from) the Temple to the location of service.