Vasthralankaara Seva

The Vasthralankaara Seva is performed on Saturdays immediately after completing the Abhishekam and on special occasions including but not limited to Brahmotsavam, Dasara, Sravanamasam and Vinayaka Chavithi. The deities will be adorned with Vasthrams provided by Devotees participating in the Seva. Priests will apply Namam, adorn vasthram and few jewels to the deity. No devotee is allowed to watch this. The devotees participating in Abhishekam and Vasthralankara Seva get post abhisheka darshan with new vasthram after offering naivedyam.

To participate in this Seva, contact the Front Office.

Devotee participation in the Vasthralankaara Seva is governed by the below policies.


  • Any devotee shall be able to schedule participation in Vasthralankara Seva up to the end of the following year and provide the sponsored Vasthram ahead of time (6 weeks prior to the beginning of the month of the adorn date).
  • A Vasthram can be sponsored by one or more Devotees.
  • A Devotee’s participation in the Vastralankaara Seva for each of the main Deities shall be limited to once a year i.e., sponsorship of a Vasthram is limited to one per main Deity in a calendar year.
  • Every Deity is adorned with a maximum of two Vasthrams sponsored by two Devotees. Vasthram Committee reserves the right to accept or reject any requests for a 3rd Vasthram upon consultation with the Priest.
  • Vasthrams shall be adorned on the deities until the next Abhishekam or sooner for special occasions such as Brahmotsavam, Dasara, Sravanamasam and Vinayaka Chavithi.
  • A Vasthram shall be adorned on the deities only after registration is completed by the Committee.
  • The value of the Vasthram shall be accounted towards the sponsor’s total contributions for membership unless it is gifted back but shall not be included in the year-end statement. Value is determined based on the purchase receipt submitted along with the Vasthram.
  • During Brahmotsavam, all deities shall be adorned with 1 Vasthram only to accommodate alankaram of the deities with Silver Kavacham.
  • During Brahmotsavam, Chairman of SVTCC shall have the first right of refusal for offering/ sponsoring 1 set of Vasthrams for all deities. If the Chairman declines to offer/sponsor, then the opportunity shall be given to a permanent trustee, to an elected trustee or to a group of elected trustees in that order of precedence.
  • Any Vasthram once given to the Temple shall become the sole property of the Temple and shall be sold or reused after adorning the deity at the discretion of the Vasthram committee.
  • Vasthram Committee reserves the right to price the seshavasthram based on quality.
  • Gift Back – if a devotee offers/sponsors Vasthrams for Swamy and 6 other deities (excluding small panchas) at one instance, Vasthram Committee shall give one of the offered Vasthrams of their choice back to the devotee.
  • Buy Back – a devotee shall have the right to buy back the Sesha Vasthram they offered by notifying the Vasthram Committee at the time of registration i.e. scheduling participation in Vastralankara Seva.
  • Gift back and buy back shall be available to devotees for pickup/buying during last week of the following month after Seva.
  • Some of the Seshavasthrams shall be set aside for offering to special guests, to trustees on special occasions and to priests/spouses.