Heritage Bricks Program

Be a part of Temple and celebrate your Heritage

Contribute $$$ and cherish your roots for time immemorial

In response to sentiments expressed by devotees to mark and memorialize special persons, events or places, we have developed a program called the “SV Temple Heritage Bricks Program”. Devotee subscribers can imprint names, native places or other suitable information on granite tiles. These stone tiles of varying block sizes will be permanently affixed to the outer walls (all sides except the front) of the temple. As part of this program, a record of your family heritage (up to a page long) can also be archived in the temple library for reference for future generations.

The following are the tile sizes and subscription costs to the program:



6″ x 9″ $1,116
9″ x 18″ $5,116
18″ x 18″ $10,116
18″ x 36″ $20,116

If you are interested in participating in this program, please download the form by clicking on the link below and mail it to the following address or bring it to the temple front desk.

Sri Venkateswara Temple & Cultural Center
26233 Taft Rd, Novi, Michigan 48374

Contact: Srinivas Koneru @ (248) 921-2417 or [email protected]

Limited Space!  Sign up now!!!

Link : Heritage Brick Program Participant Form