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    To maintain a traditional Sri Venkateswara temple and develop a cultural center to serve as spiritual and cultural anchor for Hindu community.


    • Provide a facility for all, regardless of ethnicity and background, to understand and promote virtues and spiritual growth amongst all based on Hindu scriptures
    • Provide a learning center to teach, practice and display Indian arts and heritage
    • To preserve our culture while assimilating into the adopted land
    • Build a multi-purpose auditorium for celebrations and compliment with culinary facilities
    • Raise an endowment large enough to sustain SVTCC for generations
    • Collaborate with other voluntary organizations with similar guiding principles


    Guiding Principles

    • To understand Sanatana Dharma and the process of continuous spiritual progress
    • To impart understanding of Indian culture and religious festivals, religious rituals and the rationale for participation
    • To instill pride in Indian heritage amongst its youth
    • To instill confidence within Indian community through a center representing its interest
    • To support humanitarian and charitable causes like educational and socioeconomic development of the needy
    • To increase societal awareness of Indian heritage and promote appreciation
    • To promote inter-religious activities for better understanding of diverse faiths, cultures and ethnic heritages
    • To offer mentoring, leadership development, and volunteerism to serve communities of Southeast Michigan